These settings change how Beau behaves globally.



This endpoint will be used for all top level requests. It'll be combined with every request's path before making the request. It mostly serves to prevent having to type the full url for every request. It is optional though so if you want to put the full url on every request you can.

This setting can be overriden in hosts.



By setting cookiejar to true you allow Beau to store cookies in memory. When using composition these cookies are available for future requests. This allows things like cookie-based sessions to work correctly. You could use a plugin to store cookies to disk instead if required. This is disabled by default.

cookiejar: true


The version is used to know what major version of Beau a given configuration was built for. Beau will try using any valid config even if there's a version mismatch. It'll show a warning when that happens.

You can omit this value if you'd like. If it is omitted Beau will assume that this config will work with the current version of Beau.

version: 1