Getting Started


You can install Beau using npm:

$ npm install -g beau

Writing a config file

The first thing you should do is create a config file. By default this should be named beau.yml. You can start by specifying an endpoint:

We'll be using pokeapi as our example endpoint.



Now you can add any requests you want; a request follows the format <METHOD> <PATH>: <ALIAS>. For example, let's fetch Blaziken, pokemon number 257:



GET /pokemon/257:
    alias: blaziken

blaziken is our alias, it will be used to tell Beau what request you want to make.

Using Beau

Now that’d you’ve written your request file you can tell Beau you want to make a request like this:

$ beau request blaziken

Beau will let you know once it’s done executing and will print the response:

Status              Endpoint

    forms: […],
    abilities: […],
    stats: […],
    name: "blaziken",
    weight: 520,
    moves: […],
    sprites: {…},
    held_items: [],
    location_area_encounters: "/api/v2/pokemon/257/encounters",
    height: 19,
    is_default: true,
    species: {…},
    id: 257,
    order: 329,
    game_indices: […],
    base_experience: 239,
    types: […]

And that’s it! You are well on your way to mastering Beau. Take a look at the requests section to learn more on what a request can do.